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On the road to Tremosine among the olive trees you will find a small stone chapel called “S.Pietro in Oliveto” (St. Peter in the Olivegarden). This romanic chapel has already been nominated in a document from Urban III. Inside there is baptistery made of white marble and some marvellous frescos. Originally the inhabitants of Limone organized processions to this little chapel during which they used to pray St. Peter for their oliveharvest.
Todays' only remembrance of this tradition is the “Sagra di San Pietro” (on St. Peter’s day) on the 29th of June. From outside this chapel seems to be nothing more than a litte stone hut among the olive trees. But if you only take a glimpse at the entrance you will find some real interesting frescos and epigraphs that will tell you about important events of that time like the plague, the defeat of Napoleon or just a season with an incredible harvest of olives. Once there used to be a little tower with a bell but it had to be torn down during World War I because of a strategical position of the canons nearby. This small chapel is a testimony of Limones' history, religion and art.