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The Parish church dedicated to St. Benedict was built in 1691 by Andrea Pernis of Como, over the remains of a previous Romanesque chapel that appears to have been built before the XI century. Many artistic masterpieces are preserved in the chapel:
1. Main altar (1724) by Cristoforo Benedetti from Brentonico. The altar-piece (1574) shows the deposition attributed to Battista d'Angolo from Verona, as well known as the Moro. This piece is framed by two wonderful paintings from Andrea Celesti (beginning 18th Century).
2. Altar of the blessed Sacrament (1699) by Silvestro and brothers Ogna from Rezzato. The altar-piece portrays the last supper. Artist and period unknown.
3. Altar of the Rosary (1704) by Cristoforo Benedetti. The altar-piece represents Madonna with the Child, the mysteries of the Rosary, St. Antonius and St. Giacomo de Compostela.
4. Altar of St. Antonius from Padua (1696). It is made out of marble and polished plaster. The painting (1847) is dedicated to St. Antonius, St. Francis and the holy Family. The painter was Antonio Moro from Limone.
5. Altar of the Crucifix (1721). It is a piece from Cristoforo Benedetti. The baroque crucifix is made out of box-wood.
6. On the main arch the Annunciation by Benedetti.
7. The organ above the main entrance is from the year 1831 by Damiano Damiani.
8. The baptistery made out of stone is from the end of the 16th century. It was ordered by St. Carlo Borromeo, who visited the parish church on the 10th of August 1580.