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- thousand years' tradition of taste and health -

The legendary olive-tree is a most important part of Limones' past. Over hundreds of years it was in the centre of live because it gave work on the fields and its fruits gave the most important product to change in commerce: the oil. In a climate like ours, which is very similar to the mediterranean, climate and the special  sandy soil its development and integration over the centuries into this region were guaranteed. This natural factors toghether with the men's work are still giving a very special olive oil to the market. This oil is of high quality with an acidity less than 1% and has a gentle taste of healthy and fresh olives, harvested at the right moment of its ripening, creating this way the perfect balance between the smell and the taste. At it is known the "extra-virgin" olive oil is one of the most important ingredients for the Mediterranean diet, which has as aim healthy nourishment without abandoning the pleasures of food, as is the tradition in Italy.

For the pleasure of the special taste of our oil we reccomend to use it within the first months after the squeezing, which is strictly cold squeezing. Only this way it will let go its lovely taste we all know. It usually is used for simply cooked food such as the typical Italian bruschetta, raw or cooked vegetables, pasta and vegetable-soups, meat and fish. This way its qualities as "King" of the Mediterranean diet will all show. Talking abouth health at this point we should underline the benefits for our body that this oil is capable of: it helps in the assimailation of vitamins, it helps to lower the cholesterol LDL and it helps to lift the HDL. The consequence is a big help to our body in the prevention of heart diseases. It is also very helpful in the particular time of growth of children, heps our digestion and is rich of anti-oxidisers, which we need for our defence from free radicals. No fattening if used in proper way.

Starting from this year, the extra virgin olive oil produced by the "Cooperativa Agricola Possidenti Oliveti" of Limone sul Garda will be subject to the control procedures for the D.O.P. certification (protected designation of origin) of the Garda Bresciano extra virgin olive oil.

Our oil is an ancient product, unique in its kind and well acknowledged by modern medicine. For this we are proud to producte this oil and will continue this tradition in future planning our town round this secular tree.

We reccomended a visit to the local oil-mill at the cooperative society "Cooperativa Agricola Possidenti Oliveti" in the Via Campaldo nr. 2, where you may visit the permanent exhibition of our extravergin olive oil from April to October  - from 4.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. - during the following days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. A video shows you how the mill works and than you have the opportunity to taste some of our products.