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A stay in Limone does not only include sun and beach but gives you also the possibility to immerse yourself into a still uncontaminated nature. Our climate is very similar to the one in the Mediterranean and due to this mild climate we have specimen of vegetation, which you may usually find only in warmer zones. The flora around us explodes in thousands of colours and forms of different types. The Parco Alto Garda Bresciano is full of small “wonders”. The reason for this vegetation are several: the position (we are only 65 meters above sea-level), the fact that Lake Garda with its huge amount of water works like a sponge: filling itself up with heat in summer and giving it back into the air in winter, the surrounding mountains which protect us from cold winds and the moderate rain.
This microclimate has made out of Lake Garda the perfect habitat for mankind and we from Limone do all we can to conservate it as it is. This to guarantee our guests a pleasant stay in our many comfortable structures surrounded by an ecological sane nature.