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At the center of the padres Comboniani, which in Limone is commonly known as the “Tesöl”, you will find the recently opened “Museum of Curiosities”. In this small but interesting exhibition you may admire curiosities of nature and manmade which have been brought here by the many Comboniani padres from all over the world. You will find many rare shells as the famous “Tridacna gigas” (one of the biggest shells actually known), fossils, minerals (as a meteorite fallen to earth in China in 1516), the jaws of 5 different types of sharks, rare insects and crustaceans and the skin of an Anaconda and a Python. You will also find archeological objects of the prehistory man and the signed photographs of some astronauts as a reminder of modern man. This place is highly recommendable for groups of schoolboys and families for the educational value of the specimen exposed being from all over the world. There is also the possibility to visit the park-like gardens with the typical vegetation of Lake Garda.