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Sometimes even natives of Limone do not know everything they have nearby because usually one only knows those things and places often uses or visits. The surrounding of Limone is not very vast because Limone lies on a small land tongue. But nonetheless it offers many possibilities of pleasant walks and trekking paths for more experienced walkers. Long the shore from north to south one may find breathtaking views on the lake, on the mountains, which are reflecting in the cool water, and on the lemon gardens of Limone. You will always find yourself surrounded by the typical vegetation, which explodes here in its most fabulous colours. During the warm evenings in summer you should take a walk to the feet of the surrounding mountains where you will look over Limone and the Lake while enjoying your time in a soft and cool breeze coming down valley.
And do not forget to go into the old part of the town with its narrow streets, the small steps and squares where you will still find the flair of long aogo times. The possibilities to restore yourself are many along your way. Just stop over and have a small snack, or a drink or an ice cream. Limone is the perfect place for many different types of holidays. It is ideal for jung and old, for families with children, for sportsmen and women and for all those who are simply looking for fun and relax in uncontaminated nature.